Eating Tips For Perfect Teeth

Our teeth are the primary body part that we use to consume food.  Eating the right foods and in the proper order may help you avoid emergency dental services bellevue because of a chipped tooth or other oral injury.

Chew from the back of your mouth

Eating hard foods such as vegetables can cause damage to your teeth.  The hard carrot will need extra force to break off a manageable chunk for consumption.  Typically, we would use the front teeth to break off a piece and then use our back teeth to chew.  When biting into hard foods consider using your back teeth first.  Then once you have broken up the hard food into manageable pieces then move them to the front of your mouth with your tongue.

Bite at a 45 degree angle

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Never bite straight down on food.  You want to attack food at an angle.  This goes for everything that you eat.  When working your food at an angle, you are using more surface area of your teeth which in turn lessens the impact of stress on any one tooth.  When you use multiple teeth in chewing the odds of having a tooth break is decreased.

Don’t eat cold food

Cold food like ice cream is okay to eat but be sure that anything that is cold isn’t frozen.  Frozen food increases the structural integrity of your food.  The harder it is to consume the more damage you can do to your teeth.

Chew slowly

When you shove food into your mouth and start chewing you are increasing the risk of doing damage to your teeth.  Taking the time to chew your food slowly will not only decrease the risk of damaging your teeth but will also allow you to enjoy your meal.

Following these guidelines will help you to avoid doing damaging your teeth as well as needing the services of a dentist.