Stretching: Here’s How To Stay Healthy

No matter what level of athlete you are, you feel some effects. Even if you’re just starting off moving your body in a different way opens you up to the possibility of tightening a muscle or straining it.

Some athletes don’t believe in the need to stretch, and then there’s everyone else. Even if you are not consciously stretching after a workout, you are probably stretching. Taking your shoes off and massaging your feet, spreading out your toes or even standing on the balls of your feet is stretching. You do it to work the body out of what it was doing and ease the feelings of overuse.

What is assisted stretching

It is simply the idea of making stretching much more effective by having someone else help. If you have ever had a massage, you already know how having someone else massage your aching shoulders or neck feels better than trying to do it for yourself. The same theory extends to assisted stretching Birmingham.

There’s more to Assisted Stretching

assisted stretching Birmingham

Assisted stretching takes place in a sauna so that muscles are warm and therefore much more likely to stretch without the risk of pulling or tearing, which can happen when they are cold.

Stretching is a slow process, it allows the muscles to gradually extend, and work out any lactic acid build-up. It is lactic acid which causes the muscles to ache and it takes a couple of days for it to dissipate of its own accord.

Not just for sporty people

If you’re experiencing any issues with your range of movement or tension, stretching may be exactly what you need. If you used to be able to touch your toes no problem but now, you’re just not as flexible – you will recover at least some of your former capabilities.