Warmth and Stretching – A Practical Guide To Getting Muscles To Relax

When it comes to dealing with muscle-based pain a lot of people will imagine the chiropractor is the only way to do it. But if you have sensed yourself tensing as they wind up to the ‘crack’ you might feel it isn’t for you.

There’s a new way of dealing with muscular aches and pains which sounds altogether more comfortable and much less distressing. It comes down to warmth and comfort. You already know what it feels like to get the sun on your back – you almost relax just thinking about it.  It isn’t a big jump to imagine why this same warmth and gentle stretching would work on sports injuries or even just getting muscles to relax after a hard day’s work and it is one of the most pleasant things you can do for yourself.

Pain management professionals use heat to help you relax and also to speed up the healing process. The heat helps the blood flow through areas that are stiff or in pain and with the increased flow comes a release of the toxins which are adding to the pain in the first place. If you add to that a gentle stretch from a trained therapist you will help areas that are troublesome recover and provide relief from chronic pain too.

Infrared light therapy for pain arlington

Infrared light therapy for pain arlington brings together the benefits of heat and gentle stretching to help manage pain and aid recovery too. Infrared is a gentle heat that is known for its therapeutic effects. it helps reduce blood pressure, and it invigorates the body’s natural way of getting rid of toxins by sweating them out. You might have heard of it as Red Light Therapy in anti-aging and by the way, you will sleep better too!